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posted Oct 20, 2011, 10:24 PM by Travis
New: Automatic rules are now restored from the rules list.
New: When adding a new rule, you now have the option to make it high-priority.
New: Rules can be edited/added from the rules list by double clicking on an existing rule for a domain.
New: Filter bar in rules list lets you see only collapsed or only expanded rules.
New: Script URL contents can now be viewed within the popover; double click the URL to do so.
New: Unblocked scripts can now be displayed larger and with syntax highlighting.
Change: When changing automatic rules mode, existing automatic rules are deleted. Any manually "deleted" rules are preserved.
Change: Faster display of poppies using an instant timeout.
Change: Code optimizations. 85% faster rule counter; instant collapsing/expanding of all rules; overall speedier.
Fix: Automatic rule settings are no longer ignored if set to Nowhere.
Fix: Resolves an issue where while in blocking mode, rules could not be blocked from the main view; an empty dialog would appear.
Fix: Mouse events—hover, mouseover, etc.—work properly.
Fix: Resolves an issue wherein Allow/Block All would not work properly.
Fix: Allow/Block All now allow/block blacklist/whitelist items.
Fix(?): Resolves a possible issue where rules for "Block on…" were not setting the domain correctly.