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posted Mar 5, 2012, 2:00 PM by Travis
New: Added an expert features option to create automatic rules. If expert features are disabled, automatic rules are no longer created. Default actions will still apply, though. This prevents cluttering of the rules list.
New: Added an option to hide unblocked scripts from the main window. Hidden is the default setting.
New: When expert features are disabled, JS Blocker runs in a mode that will only create rules. What this means is clicking on either Block or Allow will add a new rule for the host. You will now also have the option of allowing scripts from any subdomain, too.
New: Added a thin display for when expert features are disabled.
New: With expert features disabled, added option to show number of scripts blocked/allowed per host. Clicking on this number will reveal the scripts that were affected.
Changed: Removed drop down menu for selecting which domain to add a rule for.
Changed: Removed button to switch to expert/simple interface. This change is because rules are no longer really interchangeable.
Changed: Removed "Delete Expanded Rules" button.
Changed: Removed setting for "Block scripts manually". Allowing mode is now the only available mode. However, you can now set up automatic rules to block scripts from "Anywhere".
Changed: New animation for main display when toggling Allowed/Blocked/Unblocked scripts; also sped up all slide animations.
Changed: Much improved look and feel on Windows.
Changed: Moved "Show Rules" button down to the miniature buttons section.