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posted Jun 13, 2012, 5:17 PM by Travis
New for Donators: Added new "other" rules: prevent webpages from disabling autocomplete, and ability to use a custom font for webpages.
New: All settings are now on their own dedicated page instead of within the Safari extension preferences. You can access this page by clicking "Settings" from the popover, or from the extension preferences.
New: The script blocker can now be turned off.
New: A two-column layout makes it even easier to see at a glance what's allowed and what's blocked. The Allow/Block buttons have been removed in favor of clicking on the host/URL. To access the previous functionality, click the "?" to the left of an item.
New: Easier navigation between frames on webpages makes it more obvious when a page has inline frames.
Changed: The video blocker is now its own thing instead of part of embeds and objects. When updating to 2.6.0, previous embed, object, and video rules will copy over to the new video rules.