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posted Aug 8, 2012, 10:57 PM by Travis
New for Donators: A full backup including all settings and rules can now be created and imported. This backup method can be accessed via the Settings page in the About section. Note that it is not compatible with the rule backup that can be created from the popover.
New: A new UI has been added that makes managing rules even easier. In the rule list, rules will appear in plain English without complex regular expressions. This UI is the default for new installations, but because it requires a new rule set, existing installations will not be upgraded automatically. You must manually update them by clicking Convert Rules. This can also be done from the settings page. To turn on the new rule display, open the settings page and check Use simplified rules under the User Interface tab. The setting will be visible only if expert features are disabled.
New: Custom alert boxes can now be scrolled off the screen just like in Mountain Lion.
New: Whitelist and blacklist rules can be hidden from the rule list making browsing through custom rules even easier.