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posted Jul 9, 2013, 3:25 PM by Travis
New: Temporary expert view. While in simple mode, click the number next to a block/allowed host to temporarily switch to expert view. This allows for blocking individual items with regular expressions right from the main window.
New: Collapsing either the allowed or blocked items list will expand the width the other column.
Fix: Repairs rules to prevent Safari from hanging when loading the rule list. A bug where the blacklist and whitelist were copied to a user's custom rules has been fixed. This will not fix any snapshots that may have been affected.
Fix: Adding a rule to override a whitelist or blacklist rule for the same domain for which it was blocked (typically All Domains) will now work as expected.
Fix: Clicking the version number in the poppy asking to show support will now open the correct change log page.
Fix: Improved reliability of toolbar badge.
Changed: Improved memory usage over time due to new processing method.