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posted Jul 28, 2013, 8:37 PM by Travis
New: Users can now create custom scripts to inject into webpages. This can be done under the Custom tab of the settings page.
New: Frames that share a common host are merged into one view.
New: Adding a new expert rule will now allow you to select from a list of regular expressions. This is done via the new Options... button.
Changed: Completely removed support for automatic rule creation. Existing temporary automatic rules are removed upon updating. Disabled automatic rules will be converted into normal rules.
Changed: Page display now only shows hosts instead of full URLs.
Changed: The popover will not update if it is visible and you are not at the top of the scroll view.
Changed: Reduced rule cache by 20MB, greatly reducing memory usage.
Changed: Some updates to the custom blacklist.
Changed: Removed ability to disable some rule list filter bars.
Changed: Removed the "other" feature that automatically confirms confirm() prompts.
Changed: Removed ability to hide the number of items blocked/allowed per host.
Fix: Resolves an issue where temporary expert view would always show 0 blocked items in the host list.
Fix: The toolbar badge will now always display the correct value for the window it is associated with rather than the last active tab.