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posted Aug 22, 2013, 3:05 AM by Travis
New: Revamped UI now displays the main host's information along with all the frames on the page in one view.
New: Added a help button to the adding/editing a rule poppy.
New: Improved frame merging will now merge "blank" frames into one view with the host of the main page.
New: The height of the popover can now be resized. Placing your cursor at the bottom will reveal a NS resize handle. Double click to restore default height.
New: Added a new rule type: disabling. Click on the host names within the sections in the main window to add a rule that completely disables JavaScript Blocker on that host.
New: A new Other Feature: AJAX POST/GET request interception. Allows you to confirm POST and GET AJAX requests.
New: A setting has been added to ensure Quick Add is only enabled while in simple view. It is disabled by default.
Changed: The "Allow or Hide" button has been removed in favor of clicking on the number next the Allowed: and Blocked: labels. Hovering over this section of the UI will reveal "Allow or Hide" text next to the number.
Changed: Clicking a button under the "Active Temporary Rules"  section or "Show Active" will now include rules from all frames as well as the main host.
Changed: Rule list no longer has separate sections for different types of rules. They are now categorized by domain only.
Changed: Quick Add is now enabled by default and has been redesigned.
Changed: Frame data is now removed immediately after it is no longer needed.
Changed: Improved wording for a frame that cannot be blocked will now tell you the actual host/URL to block instead.
Changed: Improved rule list interface is now striped for easier distinction between sets of rules.
Changed: Having simplifiedRules set to false is no longer supported. Existing rules will be converted upon updating for users who have it set to false.
Changed: Main toolbar UI improvements.
Changed: Removed the state filter bar. To show only temporary rules, a new button has been added to the rule actions toolbar.
Changed: The popover will now open automatically when an update requires the user's attention.
Changed: Removed theme support.
Changed: Lessened the intensity of the zoom window effect.
Fix: Improved handling for when a frame's URL changes. It will now always be listed in the main window as an allowed event.
Fix: Resolves an issue where columns may not expand when expert mode and resize columns were enabled.
Fix: Resolves an issue where some items may not appear in the main window if they were from a blank frame.
Fix: The new "Options..." button is now only displayed when a URL is either HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.
Fix: Blocking a frame from loading will now correctly update the display on the initial page reload. Before, it would still show the frame data even though the frame wasn't really loaded.
Fix: Changed inline scripts for history fix and special actions to use data URIs. This allows them to be injected onto pages with a Content Security Policy directive.
Fix: Resolves an issue where HTML would be rendered in a rule listing.
Fix: Removed the now useless state filter in the rule list.
Fix: Resolves an issue where Safari may hang after a JSB update.
Fix: Resolves an issue where all items would be allowed after an update that required the user to open the popover.
Fix: Data will now always be displayed on pages utilizing history.replaceState when a user uses the browser's back/forward button.
Fix: Resolves an issue where column expanding animations would occur even when animations were disabled.
Fix: Possible memory reduction over time.