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posted Sep 26, 2013, 5:57 PM by Travis   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 6:01 PM ]
New (for future reference): Added a new other feature: the ability to prevent inline scripts from being executed. This will have to be enabled from the Other Features tab of the settings page. This feature will work only on Safari 6.1 or greater. The Windows version of Safari is unsupported as it is only version 5.1.7. These scripts will still show up under the Unblockable section even if they were not executed. There is no guarantee that this will prevent script execution on all webpages, but it should work on most. Extensions that inject scripts into a webpage, such as HoverZoom, will not work if inline scripts are not executed. Websites that send a CSP header that sets "script-src 'unsafe-eval'" will override this setting and cause scripts to be executed, though this is highly unlikely to happen.
New: Added Disable/Enable buttons to make it more obvious that you can now disable JSB on specific hosts.
Changed: Settings page UI updated to match main UI.
Changed: Brought back the old Nowhere setting to enable blockers to allow all items by default.
Fix: Resolves an issue where collapsed domains in the rule list would become expanded in some cases.
Fix: Resolves an issue where search results in the settings page would disappear after changing a setting.
Fix: The right side of the button Show Hidden can now be clicked as expected.
Fix: Updated developer certificate.