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posted Oct 19, 2013, 7:20 PM by Travis
Info: If you encounter any bugs, please contact me at
New: The AJAX requests confirmation other feature is now a full rule-based feature. Enabled by default, all GET, POST, and PUT AJAX requests to an item on the blacklist will be blocked. A special setting option dubbed "ask when necessary" will display a prompt any time an AJAX request that does not match a rule is made where you can allow or block it. You can then create rules for it from the popover so you're not bombarded with prompts all the time. For users who had the original other feature enabled, the "ask" setting will be enabled instead of "blacklist only".
Changed: Decreased emphasis on the main toolbar by making the text gray rather than blue.
Changed: Column resizing is now enforced and only occurs when in expert view; it is no longer available for simple view.
Changed: The setting "resources on secure sites must also be secure" now defaults to true.
Changed: When a hidden item is displayed in the main window, it will be bold.
Fix: Resolves an issue where toggling a setting that would result in another being hid or displayed would fail to reveal or hide it.
Fix: Resolves an issue where removing or recovering a domain's rules in domain edit mode would not work as expected.
Fix: Setting a rule block to "nowhere" will now always work as expected instead of sometimes acting like "Blacklist only".
Fix: Placeholders for blocked elements will now always correctly show the entire URL.
Fix!: Resolves the long standing issue of the UI shifting due to scrollbars appearing on items in the main window.