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posted Nov 4, 2013, 5:21 PM by Travis   [ updated Nov 4, 2013, 5:23 PM ]
Fix: Placeholders work now. Sorry.

New: XHR POST parameters can now be viewed from the popover when in expert view. Click the "?" then choose "Meta Data".
New: The type of blocked embed or object will now be displayed in its placeholder (e.g. flash or PDF document). This can also be viewed from the popover while in expert view by clicking the "?" then "Meta Data".
Changed: When unblockable scripts are shown, injected helper scripts (e.g. the "other" features) will be hidden by default. It can be re-enabled from the UI settings page.
Changed: The "Show Hidden" button is now persistent and will not be disabled when the popover updates.
Changed: Updated to jQuery 2.0.3. If you experience any bugs, please let me know by double clicking the JavaScript Blocker header on top-right of the popover and choose "Report".
Changed: Instead of glowing, snapshots equal to the current rule set will now have a "current" label.
Changed: Improved security by using tokens to determine if a script has been added to JSB instead of just a constant of "1". 
Changed: The EasyList type for "xmlhttprequest" is now supported.
Changed: The setting to prevent links from sending referrers is now an "other" feature. This allows it to be disabled on webpages it may be causing problems with. Since this is now an extra feature, anyone updating who has not made a contribution and is using this feature will automatically have all features unlocked for free.
Fix: Resolves an issue where switching between expert and simple view after opening a zoomed window slowly will cause the main window to slowly resize each time.
Fix: When creating a rule of the same type as the column in simple view, it will now correctly be based on the choice of the select box rather than based on which column the item is located in.
Fix: XHR requests of an unsupported type will now be sent instead of blocked.
Fix: Checking the type of XHR (i.e. GET, POST, PUT) will now always work as expected even if the page uses a lowercase version. This resolves an issue where certain Amazon pages would not reload when selecting options.