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posted Dec 1, 2013, 3:06 AM by Travis   [ updated Dec 1, 2013, 3:43 PM ]
New: Basic support for Greasemonkey style user scripts. This replaces the old custom scripts feature. Any existing scripts will be automatically updated to be supported. Most GM_* functions will work, including GM_registerMenuCommand. GM_setClipboard cannot be implemented. GM_xmlhttpRequest will allow cross-domain requests. The @match and @include directives are domain based, not page based. For GM_getResourceURL, Safari 6 or greater will return a blob: URL while older versions return a data: URL.
New: A label has been added after the number of allowed hosts/resources.
New: Support for blob: URLs.
Changed: Injected scripts will now be able to use blob: URLs instead of data: URLs. Large scripts will now load much faster without hanging the page during load. This also allows for much cleaner debugging messages for user scripts. Requires Safari 6 or greater to use blob:.
Changed: When private browsing is enabled, all newly created rules will default to being temporary. This also applies to Quick Added rules even when "Make Quick Added rules temporary" is disabled.
Changed: Use inline scripts for injected scripts whenever possible instead of blob/data URLs to avoid execution delay.
Changed: Extended whitelist and blacklist.
Changed: Injected scripts are now removed from the webpage once they are executed unless you are using a beta version of JSB.
Changed: The JavaScript Blocker label in the toolbar will now show when large fonts are used.
Changed: The CustomEvent constructor is no longer added to the global scope if it is not already there.
Fix: Resolves an issue where the popover would occasionally not update correctly when using multiple windows.
Fix: Hosts are now counted correctly when XHR blocker is set to "Ask when necessary".
Fix: Resolves an issue with duplicated and blank unblockable scripts.