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posted Apr 3, 2015, 10:07 AM by Travis
New: Added an option to not clear settings before importing a backup.
New: Added an option to include settings in a backup.
New: A full backup from JSB4 can now be imported using the standard backup import.
New: Icon.
New: Donators can now unlock all features. Until final release, though, the trial of 10 days is reset every update.
Changed: Page notifications will now respect the large font setting.
Changed: iForgot locker password instructions will now open in a new tab.
Changed: Saving a user script will no longer switch back to the list of user scripts.
Changed: Reword contribution -> donation.
Changed: The "hide whitelisted and blacklisted items" setting has been separated into two separate settings.
Changed: Name JavaScript Blocker -> JS Blocker.
Changed: The help tab will now open an email window.
Changed: Rule matching is up to 6x faster, speeding up webpage loads.
Fix: Resolves an issue where frame information may be outdated or incorrect.
Fix: Page notifications will appear on more webpages.