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posted Aug 17, 2012, 10:45 PM by Travis   [ updated Aug 17, 2012, 10:47 PM ]
New (Pay-for): Snapshots. If you accidentally remove or change a rule, you can easily undo the change by loading a snapshot of the previous rule set and recovering whatever you need to. Snapshots are created any time a rule is modified, added, or removed. Up to 15 snapshots will be stored, but you can also choose to keep some permanently—those won't count towards the storage limit.

New (Pay-for): Quick Add: add a rule just by clicking on an item once. Successive clicks while in simple mode will select parts of the host. A press-and-hold will trigger the standard UI. Quick Add can be enabled under the User Interface settings.
New: A setting has been added to disallow automatic rule creation when Private Browsing mode is enabled. This is now the default action when expert features are enabled and has no effect if they aren't since automatic rules do not exist in simple mode.
New: Like in expert mode, simple mode has gained the ability to detect if a rule exist and, if it does, prompts you to delete it or create a new one. This avoids cluttering the rule list with similar rules that do the opposite of each other.
New: The rule list will now always have a bubble indicating the type of rule, even when expert features are enabled.
New: A new actions toolbar has been added to the rule list to replace the text that appeared on top of the filter bar.
New: Whitelist and blacklist rules are now distinguishable in the simplified rule list. They have a black dot in the center of their bubble.
Changed: Simplified rules are now enforced for new installs and cannot be disabled. Regular expression rules can still be created in simple mode from the rule list by starting the rule with a "^".
Changed: Code optimizations.
Changed: Removed incomplete Twilight theme.
Fix: Resolves an issue where changing just one portion of a combined simplified rule would change the entire thing.
Fix: Lots of fixes regarding automatic rules and expert features.
Fix: A warning has been added to let users know that JS Blocker cannot function when its toolbar icon is hidden.